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Meet the partners that have shared their premium and proprietary strategies that make the most powerful investing community anywhere.

Jeffrey Kennedy

Elliott Wave

Over his 25-year career as an analyst, trader and instructor, Jeffrey Kennedy has taught thousands of traders through online courses, live events -- and, most recently, as an adjunct professor of technical analysis at one of the country's top universities, Georgia Tech. He is a Senior Instructor and Chief Commodity Analyst at Elliott Wave International. Subscribers and students always tell us how committed Jeffrey is to empowering them to achieve trading success.

Roger Scott

Roger is a professional trader and a successful entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the financial industry. He began his journey in the early 1990s as a short-term stock trader.

Shortly after completing law school and spending many years simultaneously studying advanced technical analysis, risk control, money management and systematic trading, Roger became a successful futures broker and a hedge fund manager with experience trading stocks, index futures, commodities, options and foreign currency markets.

In early 2005, Roger co-founded a trading education firm focused on short-term and day trading strategies. He helped develop programs that took complex trading ideas and concepts and communicated them with simple explanations and relevant examples.

Dr. Harsimran Singh

Dr. Singh Options

Dr. Singh migrated from India with a total of $8 in his pocket and made tens of millions in various enterprises. He authored 12 books, including “Stock Options – Work ½ Hour A Day” & “We Create Millionaires”. He traded options - over a $100 million in a month. He was awarded a Ph.D. by a California University for his research in options trading strategies. He is a 35-year options trading veteran and a published authority on wealth creation. He holds webinars on his 4 Legged & 3 Legged trading strategies which typically work whether a stock goes up, goes down or remains flat.

Apiary Fund

Most investment funds have a single manager who tries to diversify the portfolio across a large number of investments to reduce risk. We flip that around. The Apiary Fund employs a community of traders who trade a large number of strategies to reduce risk. We accomplish the same diversification – only we do it in a way that helps a whole lot of people make money instead of one!